The present state of global economic environment, and what may be anticipated in the upcoming future, indicate a consistent growth of foreign trade transactions, that are expected to be the most significant driver of the economic recovery and strong growth as well as profitability of various companies.

Rismart consulting practice provides tailored, cost-efficient and effective solutions to the challenges that our clients face in carrying out their international business activities. Our experience and customs-specific knowledge helps our client to mitigate risk and maximize return by developing a strong understanding of relevant country-specific trade issues that may impact our client’s business. When assisting our client, we take into the account a broad range of factors at product-specific, industry and country levels in order make balanced and well-informed decision. 

Our services include, but are not limited to: 

 International trade and procurement, advise on logistics and transportation

• Market and sector advice, localizations, development of market entry strategies and support of their implementation

• International fixed income and equity investment liaison

• Support of overseas preparations, visits and expansions

• Identification of and contacts with potential business partners

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